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facebook. the most addictive website in the world.
'I tried crackbook for the first time the other day. I said I'd just use it once but I keep going back for more and more.'
by Cowboy Jim April 16, 2007
A party or celebration of moving out.

opposite of a housewarming.
"James is moving out of his apartment, so we're heading there for a housecooling."

"I got laid at Dave's housecooling."
by Cowboy Jim November 16, 2006
the russian word for stupid. can be used in english whynot? usually refers to a moment of specific stupidity in a usually intelligent person
'what is this? is it a cake?' asked Andrew
'its a landmine' said Josie
'oops, I'm gloopy.' replied Andrew.
by Cowboy Jim November 30, 2006
To freak out, shave your head, attack photographers with umbrellas, etc.
She's on the news again, chucked another brit fit.
by Cowboy Jim February 25, 2007
to control the temperature, to be in charge of the thermostat.
driver: 'yo dude, you wanna dj? there are cds in the glove box'
passenger: 'cool, mind if i turn on the aircon too?'
driver: 'yeah man, you can heat-j too'
by Cowboy Jim July 12, 2008
a lot.
a whole freaking lot.
'how much did you get?'
'i got a cakebag man'.
by Cowboy Jim November 30, 2006

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