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A very small truck. Hauls what you need, if you don't need to compensate.
It's not a truck; it's not a car. It's a trucklet.
by Cowbert von Moo October 15, 2005
iPhone 2.0 correction for "aw, fuck!" since profanity is no longer in the dictionary.
Ryan: "as, rich! stop censoring my tweets!"
by Cowbert von Moo July 25, 2008
Abbreviation of "Fo sheezy my neezy" which is a bastardization of "Fo shizzle my nizzle," which is a bastardization of "Fa Shoh mah Niggah," which is a bastardization of "For sure my Negro" which is the bastardization of "I concurr with you, my African Brother."

Specified from KungFuJesus Apr 28, 2003 suggestion.
"Fo sheezy my neezy"
by Cowbert von Moo February 08, 2005
Frozen water, a rapper, or the end of a category 5 network cable.

see ice cube
We ran out of icecubes for lemonade.

Ice Cube never lost his baby face.

So, tell me again which wires to switch on my cat5 before I crimp it in this icecube.
by Cowbert von Moo July 15, 2005
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