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To engage in the act of sexual intercourse. other tenses: laying balls, laid balls, etc.
God damn, she's hot - I'd lay balls to her.
by CowMan April 15, 2005
a term used when a person is whipped, taken control of. That person is a b'atch.
Get me sandwich b'atch.
by cowman December 03, 2003
From the island of Newfoundland. Baywop, also bay wop is a derogatory term for people coming from outport communities - use is simular to redneck. Origin may be related to the Italian slur, wop.
nice hat, you $#%@'n baywop
by CowMan September 01, 2004
See baywop for definition
See baywop for example
by CowMan September 01, 2004
DieMan, a person who lives in a cave in outer space and runs several companies on Earth, i.e. - DieMan windows, DieMan rental homes, DieMan cosmetics and DieMan industries. He is also known for killing anyone in sight.
"If DieMan was here, he'd kill everyone."
by CowMan August 26, 2003
To pay someone to chew cud.
Cowman was remunerated by local children when he chewed some cow's cud.
by Cowman October 28, 2002
to be, or have been, lieing down or napping.
I was lid down for bit.
He's lid down on the couch.
by CowMan June 05, 2004
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