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The rag being a turban and the head being that of a middle eastern or far eastern male. Although not all middle eastern or far eastern people wear turbans the term raghead is used in any case. It's the same as calling an Iraqi a Paki. See alse: towelhead, sand nigger, Paki, camel jockey, oil nigger.
Taxi Driver: Those damn armericans are always putting there noses where they shouldn't.
Taxi's Fare: Shut up yah fuckin raghead! What the fuck do you know anyway.
by Cousin Carnie September 05, 2005
Two words forming one. Heat meaning the police (aka: The Heat, The Fuzz,Pigs,Smokey,50,etc) and Score menaing to gain or get (ie: I'm gonna score some weed of Willis when he gets back). Together they form to mean someone or something that will attract the attention of the police.
Don't be askin everyone one that goes by on the street if they want to buy some cake unless you want to be a heatscore.
by Cousin Carnie September 02, 2005
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