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Specifically, it's a tip left on the closed lid of your hotel room toilet that you have thoroughly clogged and left for the maid to clean up. In a broader usage, it's appropriate to use the term to describe any tip given to someone dealing with the dirty, smelly aftermath of your poop.
"I took such a big shit in my hotel room this morning I clogged the toilet and had to leave a poop tip for the maid." (Specific usage)

"The room service guy showed up right after I took a monster shit. The room smelled so bad I gave him a little bit extra as a poop tip just for walking in." (Broader usage)
by Cous Cous June 07, 2009
A piece of wax paper or sponge firmly secured to the underside of the scrotum during double penetration in order to avoid rubbing rat belly with the other guy in the double team.
Kelltron strapped on his wax paper rat gaurd before shoving his cock up the bar slut's ass so he wouldn't accidentally rub rat belly with The Fiss.
by Cous Cous July 23, 2008
An unusually wide piece of poop, shaped like a tuna can, that leaves your ass feeling gaped after shitting.
"My ass felt violated after that Tuna Can Doo."
by Cous Cous June 07, 2009
Hanging your nuts and scrotum over the button of your pants so that it appears to be a belt buckle made of testicles.
Before walking into the bar, Flanders pulled out a rat belly belt buckle to see if anyone would notice.
by Cous Cous July 23, 2008
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