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to engage in 'self-satisfaction' when unable to get laid. A twinkie juicer will generally choke their smurf. A Tuna Wrangler will hardly ever have to choke their smurf since they are more than able to get a woman.
Ted: Oh yea, oh my gosh, yes YES!!!
Ted's mom (to Ted's dad): what is he doing?!
Ted's dad: damnit, TED!! You should be doing your homework not choking the smurf! Besides, you're too loud!
by Courty March 04, 2008
one who juices his twinkie, aka engages in 'self pleasure' due to an inability to get laid.
Guy 1 - Hey man, how did that date between Bob & Jill go?
Guy 2 - Well, he was such a klutz she yelled at him and ran away. If he doesn't get some major skillz goin with the ladies, he might be a twinkie juicer forever!
by Courty November 16, 2007
A man who is definitely not a virgin, is 'getting some' or likes to sleep women...lots of them
Guy 1: Did you see Joe? He slept with everyone, even Tina!
Guy 2: I know, he's such a Tuna Wrangler.
by Courty August 27, 2007
A skank. A whore, a slut, take your pick. A quick easy (cheap) lay.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Sam? I heard she slept with some random dude at that party!
Guy 2: Yea man, I heard that too; did you hear about the last party? I heard she totally gang-banged!!
Guy 1: Yea man, she's such an easy cheese...
by Courty May 20, 2008

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