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4 definitions by Courty

to engage in 'self-satisfaction' when unable to get laid. A twinkie juicer will generally choke their smurf. A Tuna Wrangler will hardly ever have to choke their smurf since they are more than able to get a woman.
Ted: Oh yea, oh my gosh, yes YES!!!
Ted's mom (to Ted's dad): what is he doing?!
Ted's dad: damnit, TED!! You should be doing your homework not choking the smurf! Besides, you're too loud!
by Courty March 04, 2008
9 5
one who juices his twinkie, aka engages in 'self pleasure' due to an inability to get laid.
Guy 1 - Hey man, how did that date between Bob & Jill go?
Guy 2 - Well, he was such a klutz she yelled at him and ran away. If he doesn't get some major skillz goin with the ladies, he might be a twinkie juicer forever!
by Courty November 16, 2007
7 7
A man who is definitely not a virgin, is 'getting some' or likes to sleep women...lots of them
Guy 1: Did you see Joe? He slept with everyone, even Tina!
Guy 2: I know, he's such a Tuna Wrangler.
by Courty August 27, 2007
0 2
A skank. A whore, a slut, take your pick. A quick easy (cheap) lay.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Sam? I heard she slept with some random dude at that party!
Guy 2: Yea man, I heard that too; did you hear about the last party? I heard she totally gang-banged!!
Guy 1: Yea man, she's such an easy cheese...
by Courty May 20, 2008
5 9