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the feeling you get when you walk outside and it's freezing cold out (moreso, when the cold wind actually hits your face).
Shit it's cold in here! It feels like I'm getting bitch slapped by a penguin!
by Courtney R. Klein September 22, 2006
the act of inserting a gogurt tube into someone's ass, then with one swift move, squeezing the milky contents into the person's asshole.
Welcome to the kink-through, may I take your order?

Yes I'd like one chili dog, and the missus will take a lactic squeeze.

Fine choice. that'll be 10 bucks. pants down, pull around.
by Courtney R. Klein November 09, 2006
The act of fucking someone in the ass, then after pulling out, dropping a nickel into the newly expanded hole.
"Hey I saw you and Melinda leave the party together last night. So how'd it go?"

"Dude I told you librarians were sluts, she let me give her the Jefferson!"

by Courtney R. Klein March 18, 2007
simply a metaphor for being left out or feeling alienated.
(techno in background) Man, look at the wigger dancing over there. He looks like a fist out of twatter.
by Courtney R. Klein January 27, 2006
a particular pubic hair patch shaped into the Gucci symbol, commonly worn by females....and more commonly worn nowadays by homosexual males.
"ooh, jesus chriiiitht, would you lookit that Gooch Cooch?! It totally doesthn't go with those bewts".
by Courtney R. Klein October 29, 2007
not to be confused with the gambling game, craps is when 2 ppl drop trough, push their assholes together, and then one of them shits. there is betting, however, only in THIS game, you bet on whether the shit will squish or go in.
Hey you ready to play craps tonight?

ya i got my money all ready. so what casino are we going to?

.... 0.0
by Courtney R. Klein November 16, 2006

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