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A type of internet user often identified by their use of certain smileys which attempt to imitate the drawn facial expressions in many Japanese Anime cartoons translated into English. Like that white preteen girl who you KNOW lives Montana, U.S. and have never seen a Japanese person in their LIVES, and yet who pretends to speak it. They also often do fan-roleplaying of some form of Anime, and if they make their own characters, they will be a gross misinterpretation of a trademark image in Japan, such as a Samurai or a Ninja with a Chinese given name. Note, a Fakanese person does not have to be a white girl. They can be Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, African, Chicano/a, Middle Eastern, Indian, Native American, Inuit. . male, female, hermaphrodite, neither, other. . .but they MUST want to be a Japanese person(excluding all aspects of Japanese culture, civilization, history, and identity that DON'T have to do with Anime).
Ex. 1:
"Did you see that Fakanese person post this on the message board? They said,'Omg! I luuuuuurrrrrrve Inuyasha! He is SOOOO Kawaii! I can't wait until Adult Swim is on again on Cartoon Network so that I can watch it! I lurve to eat sushi when I watch it, because my mom's food is so disgusting. Pasta? Eww! Anyway, Aishiteru! Arigatou! Sayonara! ^.^;;;;;;;;;'."
by Courtney Lewis August 27, 2005

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