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Talented frontwoman (singer/guitarist/actress) of Hole and Solo career. One of the best lyricists of the female in rock generation. Over zealous Nirvana fans loathe her as they think they knew Kurt personally. Read the Nirvana album liner notes and download is recorded voice message from limewire as Kurt HATED PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT HIS WIFE. Probably bi-polar (as Courtney). I believe she wrote her songs with the band, if the music sounds Nirvanish, that would only be it, the music/melodies--each has their own unique style of writing, it's obvious when you really read them. Accomplished actress, grammy,MTV nominated artists. Use of drugs-- Yes, but look at her life compared to your everyday working mom/houswife, we all have our outlets, that's why she goes on & off drugs. I believe Hole's/Courtney's greatest showing of talent is on the un-released HOLE UNPLUGGED- check it out!
Known as; Yoko Love; the Janis Joplin of our times; Feminist; Woman not afraid to speak her mind

"I'll be the biggest dick that you ever had" quote off Pretty on The Inside Album

"Courtney Love is the greatest f**K in the world!!!"" as said by Kurt Cobain on live TV
by Courtney's Man February 01, 2006

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