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A manservant whose job is to mind the bucket of piss for French aristocrats.
"Sire! You look like the Piss Boy!"
"And you look like a bucket of shit!"
by Count de Monet March 30, 2008
A social event with far more males in attendance than females, i.e. a sausage-fest.
We went to the bar last night and it was like a damned Jimmy Dean convention in there.
by Count de Monet April 03, 2009
An area of Hamburg, Germany where one can find the red-light district.

Parts of it are extremely garish and over-the-top (naturally) but it is also full of good restaurants/bars, and nearby, FC St. Pauli.
Naturally, when Pricelining hotel rooms in Hamburg, one of the cheapest rooms you can find will be in the Reeperbahn district.
by Count de Monet May 05, 2011
A classic song by Camper Van Beethoven, with (naturally) a somewhat surreal premise, odd lyrics and a funny video, if you can ever get a hold of it.

Also, a classic name for your bowling team, which will provoke innumerable questions from people who don't know what the fuck you're talking about, and praise from those rare folks that do.
Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling....
by Count de Monet May 05, 2011
The phenomenon of getting high-volume diarrhea from eating copious amounts of meat (buffet-style, typically.)
After thee hours at the churrascaria (Brazilian all-you-can-eat carnivore house of delights), I got a serious case of the meat shits.
by Count de Monet January 21, 2012

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