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4 definitions by Count Suckula

The cool, refreshing underside of your pillow.
It was getting really hot in bed, so I flipped to my chillow.
by Count Suckula May 30, 2007
Common remedy for ego, usually an event or diss that completely dimishes one's ego.
Braham entered a dance contest all cocky and got maliciously owned; he took more than his dose of egoprofen.
by Count Suckula April 16, 2007
suffix of "outrageous", meaning acceptable or normal.
I woke up, took a shower, brushed my teeth and went to work. My morning was pretty rageous.
by Count Suckula October 02, 2007
Derogatory slang for a diabetic person.
Gimme your sugar pills, you dirty jivvick!
by Count Suckula May 10, 2007