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3 definitions by Count Dracula (one, two, three)

RA-OOO: (noun)
1. Devised in the late 20th century as an exclamatory phrase
2. A howl of a wolf in the night
3. Contemplation of the universe within your subconcious mind.
1. "RA-OOO! this soup is hot!"
2. "Oh golly gee, Betty, listen to that wolf 'RA-OOO' in the distance!" said Jane
3. "RA-OOO, i think i just discovered the meaning of life!"
Proper Noun
1. A fictional monster devised by Brian Jacques.
2. A monster created through hard thinking
1. "Look at that there ribbajack, Paw!"
2. "The ribbajack grabbed Monty, ran into the forest, and neither of them were ever seen again."
1. A non-deragatory term, usually used in an affectionate way, to refer to a housecat.
2. A call that with proper use can be used to lure a housecat home.
3. A title preceded by the word 'The' to refer to a housecat.
1. "The Creature is lounging on the car."
2. "My Creature has brought me a bird present."