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A sexual act which involves pressing the nose into the Vagina, the toungue into the anus, and humming. Generally used as the finishing move in a session of cunnilingus.
Not all women respond to this, but those who do respond in a big way.
Also known as the "lady's hummer".

NOTE: Please take extreme care not to exhale through the nose into the vagina. This is physically dangerous to both partners. Breathe through the mouth, and never, in any sexual act, blow into the vagina or penis!
It may have a racist name, but the ladies love it. Are you man enough to play the Jew's Harp?
by Counselor Johnny July 10, 2005
A woman-on-top sexual position in which she kneels or sits astride the recumbant man, and leans torward him, with her torso at a 45* angle to his. He may help support her by placing one palm against each of her shoulders.

Simpler than it sounds and often very rewarding for both participants, this position is named for it's similarity to the position of a woman leaning forward on a fast-moving horse.
You don't need a vast estate in the English countryside to enjoy the fine sport of Foxhunting.
by Counselor Johnny November 15, 2005
Noun. Common sexual position in which the female is "on top".
Derived most likely from Moll-on-top, or moll on top.

May also be used as a verb.
Lazy husbands love to mollatop!
by Counselor Johnny December 18, 2005

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