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A Frape Whistle is any act that informs someone that they are in the process of being fraped. To blow your frape whistle is to alert someone that their profile is being tampered with. This term is most commonly used either in a threatening manner while someone is being fraped or with a regretful tone after the event.
We were fraping Mark's profile but Julie blew her frape whistle before we could finish.

Oh that is the worst frape I have ever seen, someone really should have blown their frape whistle.
by Cougzie December 18, 2010
To Epople - Epopling

The method by which bubble-wrap is purged of air.

Epopling is carried out in many ways, but the most frequent method (and only method certified by the International Epopling Authority) involves firm placements of thumbs upon bubbles until all air is released in a sharp and satisfying manner.

Many people have referred to this as "popping" bubble-wrap, but this insidious degradation of language is committed by uneducated simpletons who are unaware of proper Epopling etiquette.
Freddy: Hey, whatya got there?
Olive: It's a big bundle of bubble-wrap!
Freddy: Oh hand it over! I love to pop it!
by Cougzie November 14, 2008
Combination of "infer" and "lie".

To deliberately mislead someone with a statement that uses just enough truth to imply a false meaning. An "infliance" allows one to convince a person of a lie without actually lying.
Jen: "Hey, I never said I was 18..."

Dave: "Yeah, well you inflied it!"
by cougzie March 03, 2008

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