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To smoke or 'smack' Marijuana/ weed
Derives from the intital Doin' the Palm Leaf Ting which changed to The P.L Ting and evidently to 'Pelting'.

When one pelts they become a 'Peltor'
However, one who does it regularly becomes a 'Peltorsaurus'
The reaction to pelting is called being palmed stoned and some experince the Palmeats munchies
Stoner 1: Ite mate, got any Palm?
Stoner 2: Yeah man, we're gunna go pelt it now.
Stoner 1: Skeen


'Woah, I pelted well loads last night, I was so palmed.'


'I am becoming such a Peltorsaurus these days, I've been pelting non stop. I have well got the Palmeats, I could do with a toastie'
by Cottonbudder December 30, 2009

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