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Verb. Much like the bird, to be magpied is to find oneself distracted by shiny things; to be shinied.
Alice: Hey Bob, what's up?
Bob: Not much, Alice, just been reading a-- Oooohhh...
Alice: Bob?
Alice: ...
Alice: You got magpied again, didn't you?
by Cottleston Pie March 14, 2011
A faux socialist; one who professes to follow socialist principles, but in fact opposes or undermines them at every turn. Tony Blair's "New Labour" in the UK is a well-known example.
Tony Blair took the socialist Labour Party in a new direction in 1997, creating the fauxcialist and neoliberal "New Labour".
by Cottleston Pie May 10, 2011
Gigantic + enormous + humongous. Even bigger than Gigantinormous. The Universe aspires to this size.
Urban Dictionary is gigantinormongously awesome.
by Cottleston Pie December 25, 2008

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