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Sex move in which girl gives guy a blow job. Guy then blows load in a line on a small mirror. Girl snorts line. Also known as "Blow".
That was the best Miami Vice I have ever done!
by Costa Rica March 15, 2008
Guy does girl in butthole. When the final moment is approaching, he puts one of his balls in girl's butthole, girl farts ball out and guy blows load onto girl's back.
** Not recommended for Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris' balls are so big its impossible for him to do the musket.
by Costa Rica March 15, 2008
the most incredible being to ever walk the face of the Earth
Chuck Norris once had sex with a girl. The girl died, obviously. Chuck resurrected her with a roundhouse kick and proceeded to blow his load in her face. Yet, three generations were killed in the process.
by Costa Rica March 15, 2008
Girl is on bed and spreads butt cheeks and guy pees into her butt hole. Then guy drops her off the bed onto her ass.
My husband lemon dropped me last night and I have quite a bruise.
by Costa Rica March 15, 2008
Guy cums into his hands, slaps hands together, and then shines cum onto girl's butt cheeks.
We did moonshine last night and it felt great!
by Costa Rica March 15, 2008

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