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The Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth. A Turbocharged car exhibiting maximum levels of fun and zero levels of traction control. Often found on Southend Seafront going "baaaaaaa-tshh" over and over again. Also Escort Cossie, 3-Door Cossie, and the rare and pony Gartrac Escort Cossie.
Me mate Daves got a 400bhp Cossie, a Saff aswell.
by Cossie Bill June 09, 2005
A pikey word meaning "to swear on ones mothers life". Often heard in pubs near pikey sites and a sure trigger to leave that particular pub.
Motherdie boy, Levi boys got a chicken in the eye guy!

Motherdie ill do ya chavvy boy!
by Cossie Bill June 09, 2005
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