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2 definitions by CosmosisJones

A medium sized suburban town located near Hartford that everyone complains about when really it's not such a bad place. It's just you fuckers who keep complaining about it and making it a worse place by being the trouble you're fucking whining about. Also everyone is a wigger.
yo niqqa dis town suks cant wait 2 get out of south windsor im only 13 tho

Shut the fuck up you make me cringe.
by CosmosisJones April 27, 2011
61 14
1. The greatest band ever, formed back in the 1500's to woo fair maidens, reincarnated within the souls of teenagers to again woo fair maidens and pillage and drink Malta until we puke (which doesn't take much). They play alternative/hard rock, and write incredible songs.
Did you guys hear Iron-y play on the 18th?

Yeah, I heard they were so good the crowd split up and carried them all the way home when they were finished playing, while having money and jewelry stuffed into their pockets.
by CosmosisJones September 05, 2011
12 2