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A nickname for the holographic decoy armor ability in the Halo Reach video game. The holla-nigga is a simple minded hologram that runs off in a single direction, often getting hung up on architectural structures such as doorway or columns. Holla-niggaz can be very effective in drawing fire away from the player sending it out.
Shit! I just went after another holla-nigga.

I thought you were going to kille me 'till I saw you go after the holla-nigga I laid down.

What's up with all these motherfukkin' holla-niggaz?
by Cosmic Prune October 31, 2010
When one can just won't do, open an entire 24 can case of whoop ass, and let the ass kickin' begin.
1. Did you see that case of whoop ass Ben opened on Jerry? I thought the morgue would be Jerry's next stop!

2. Don't make me open a can of whoop ass on you!

Go ahead, I got a whole case of whoop ass just setting here, and it has easy open lids!
by Cosmic Prune October 31, 2010
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