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The seeds from marijuana flowers and in old "shake" bags containing the remains of a large quantity. To b specific the seeds of anywhere from a couple with some regs to half the sack with low quality shwag bud, the seeds being practically useless. Unless u live in all reggie region and use a pot with dirt and make 100% profit
Ima have to talk to big q.

- wuts wrong?
I got a half stick, a stick, and helly dimebag dots
by Cory mu'fuhn D! August 07, 2011
An average sized township in cuyahoga county Ohio. Lower middle class suburb about 25 minutes south of Cleveland on I-71/i-480. The population (unknown number) is 85% black, 14.7% white and I keep seeing this group of Asian walkin down my street. I think they just moved in. Known to have a low crime rate although petty crimes r common due to the city's mostly black, if not white trash population, which is mostly high school children and middle aged adults who stay at the house. Trapped between solon and maple the kids r constantly trying to prove they r more ghetto then maple, (were not) and ghetto enough to scare the wealthy white kids of solon (they dont) known as a marijuana hot spot, 99% percent of citizens smoke, (that other 1% make brownies cuz hes got asthma) and if u stand next to 3 ppl and none of them r drug dealers then chances r ur one. Regrettably we r still a suburb of Cleveland which means reggy and a lot of the time, low quality reggy. The key is to find the farm in the metroparks so u can have shitty weed for free at least. The police r lenient with citizens (especially if u get in a lil trouble so they know u personally) and do not penalize known smokers for smoking, or possession. But they're still undercooked low quality fatty Bacon. Lastly Bedford has a very rich musical community, as all citizens under 30 r willing to freestyle with u if ur cool. And even these 16 y.o. wanna-be's r pretty Damn good rappers
Aye man I'm done fuckin wit these Hudson fools its boring. Let's go back to Bedford and blaze up.

Dude. Fuck Cleveland weather. If Bedford wasn't such a tight town id already b in Georgia.

Where u from? Bedford. Where? Ugh. I'm from cleveland.
by Cory mu'fuhn D! August 07, 2011
A defense mechanism developed by Cleveland residents to cope with the environment. It is when u front tha stunt or r stuntin without having earned it. Whether it b because its yu moms, yu friends, or just a lie. Someone could also cap about they're demeanor acting harder than they rly r. In any city cappin would b shooting ur gun. Bustin caps off
Look at this! My man's stuntin!
-na maan his uncles in town lettin him borrow the car
Shit. Better to front the stunt than just b stunted

Aye u gun have to give me all yu shit for I pop off
-nigga u know u cappin. U ain't cappin. Broke ass prolly ain't got no caps
by Cory mu'fuhn D! August 07, 2011
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