5 definitions by Cory lahey

one of the worst middle schools in british columbia with kids smoken pot on the back field and drug deals and dealers everywere and nerds gettin beat up for wearing glasses.also the rivals of spencer middle school
dude im going to dunsmuir to score some kush
by cory lahey December 13, 2007
the most emoist of emo websites with usernames like deliciuosbooty or rawrimafaggot dont create a nexopia account please dont
nexopia is gay dont make an account
by cory lahey February 17, 2008
1.For some-one to fall or trip and hit the ground making a thumping sound with some yelling "YARDSALE!" in the background.

2.For something to smash or break and some-one has to yell "YARDSALE!".

3.When Skiers or snowboarders eat shit.
1. "Man that reatrd fell out of his chair and had a big yard sale."

2."My friend smashed a coffe pot at tim hortons just so i could yell YARDSALE"

3.Avalanche + Snowboarder=YARDSALE!
by Cory lahey September 13, 2008
a guy who steals pictures of dogs and jizzes on them
whats that guy doing with those pictures dude hes a dennis
by cory lahey December 13, 2007
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