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3 definitions by Cory Schell

Either defined as a children's dance that involves shaking your rump or a dance for dirty sluts at the club that includes putting your hands on your ass, poking your booty up, butt naked, and shaking it with your legs spread.
1. my pre-k teacher taught me the toody tah.

2. The girl could dance the toody tah better than anyone at the club.
by Cory Schell January 29, 2009
3 0
After pooping, the extra remaining goo coming out of your ass.
When I stood up, a string of poop juice followed.
by Cory Schell January 31, 2009
12 17
A boygirl/ladyman etc. and has a variation between two penises, two vaginas, or one penis and a vagina.
I banged that tricycle last night in her vagina and sucked her dick at the same time.
by Cory Schell January 29, 2009
7 30