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The queen of all sluts.
Krista, you are such a Slutasaurus Rex!! Put the dick down and feed yo' baby!
by Cory Medland (C Mak) April 25, 2003
When an individual cannot pinch a loaf because there is someone standing by the bathroom door.
"Cory, you've been in there for 2323345 yrs! You've got stage poop b/c I'm listening, don't you!!
by Cory Medland (C Mak) December 09, 2003
The mother of all holes. Usually belonging to a female. The orifice became large due to the cock or other cylidrical objects.
Shirley, fucking you is like throwing a pencil down a hallway...yo' pussey is a orificerex.
by Cory Medland (C Mak) May 07, 2003

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