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As a former student at Lynchburg College I feel that it is my duty to "keep it real" with potential candidates for enrollment and these other delusional posters who are singing its praises. Lynchburg College is located in Lynchburg, Virginia which apparently is a city and is commonly referred to by names such as fucksburg and/or shitsburg. Overall my short tenure there was defiantly the lowest point in my life. When I first moved into my dorm, and I speak from experience here, I realized that they very closely resemble jail cells. There was an inscription on my desk that read “Lynchburg Concentration Camp” which is quite fitting in my own opinion. The food here is horrible and there is no sum of money that you could pay me to ever eat it again. There is a dearth of attractive women and bountiful lax bros and otherwise large population of people that can only be described by the adjective “twat”. The administration of Lynchburg College takes great joy in kicking out students who try to enjoy themselves. I would advise anyone considering this “college” to do some soul searching and figure out what is important to you, if you enjoy activities such as bong ripping in peace and beerlympics I would suggest you look elsewhere. However if your calling is hanging out at Walmart this is the place for you! If you do not heed these warnings you will soon learn for yourself just how miserable a place Lynchburg College is. Send my regards to Dean Furter should you ever be so unfortunate to meet her.
I went to Lynchburg College and it sucked ass.
by Cory McKay October 29, 2008
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