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A state of mind which one will hear and live a conversation but will not retain any information therefore leaving them in a state in which they are left drawing a blank.
Man 1: Dude, We gotta see that new movie, it looks sick
Man 2: Yeah man, fo' sho'
Man 1: Cool, so when we gonna go see it?
Man 2: See what now?
Man 1: Did you just Blank Out?
by Cory Lavery January 23, 2010
Derived from "Fuck You" also "You're An Asshole"

When some one says something insulting to you, you say "Ass You" instead of saying more then you have to.
Man 1: "Dude you are some kind of ugly."
Man 2: "Ass You, Okay?, Ass You"
by Cory Lavery September 09, 2008

A term used by mostly Athiests to describe religious peoples in a degrading form. Derived from the word "religion" and the word "idiot"
Man 1: "Yo, I had to hit the Catholic church with my fam."
Man 2: "Did you have to eat God's Loins and Drink God's blood??"
Man 1: "No, Thank God"
Man 2: "Yeah, those stupid cannibalistic religits"
by Cory Lavery July 17, 2009
Involuntary Mouse Movement

The accidental movement or click of a computer mouse that usually affects another person.
(computer): Video call has just been started.
(computer): Video call has just ended.

Man 1: What the hell??

Man 2: Sorry bro, IMM.

Man 1: Alright man, cool (Y)
by Cory Lavery May 13, 2010
When someone has been kissed against their will, or approval
T.V. Announcer: "Kiss Rape is no joke. If you have been kissed against your approval, you have just been victimized of Kiss Rape, call 9-1-1 immediately. Remember, Kiss Rape IS Rape"

Man 1: "Dude, did you hear about Johnny, he kissed Jane, she's so ugly!"
Man 2: "Didn't you hear? Jane K.R-ed Johnny, he's been in his room since, poor guy"
by Cory Lavery September 22, 2010

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