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A robot made entirely out of Xbox parts, created by Ethan from the online comic CTRL+ALT+DEL
LUCAS: Ethan!...What the?...How did?..when ..what...what did you do?!

ETHAN: You don't get to be upset Mr.-DITCH-YOUR-FRIENDS-FOR-WORK.

LUCAS: Well had I known that you were going to have a psychotic break and ruin our Xbox, I would have called in sick.

ETHAN: Not ruined. Improved.

LUCAS: Oh really? Can it clean up after you?

ETHAN: On top of being able to play not only regular Xbox games, but imports too!

XBOT: Hehe. I can play with myself.

ETHAN: "snicker"

by Cory Kite February 25, 2004

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