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When a person constantly acts stupid and dumb. They are running the Douchebagathon.
Damn, douchebagathon! Did u win the douchebag race for douchebagaknights.
by Cory G. B April 02, 2008
The faith/religion of universal douchebagaknights. They all run the douchebagathon. They all study douchebagology.
Since you are a certified douchebag; You should practice Douchebaganism.
by Cory G. B April 02, 2008
A person who serves and protects the douchebaganism faith/religion.
I crown your sir. Douchebagaknight. Lead the douchebags to victory.
by Cory G. B April 02, 2008
The study of Douchebags.
Your such a douchebag! You should go to douchebag college and study Douchebagology. You will become a certified douchebagologist.
by Cory G. B April 02, 2008
The career occupation of douchebags united.
Your the most famous Douchebagologist, in the history of douchebagatry.
by Cory G. B April 02, 2008
To change a person from classy and proper to ghetto and speaking slang. To influence anybody thats not from the hood with Ghetto remarks, and slang terminology!
If i say something thats slang or ghetto to somebody that doesn't speak slang and not from the ghetto. I would be hoodernizing them! A person would say: "You Hoodernize me, by teaching me the new slang from the ghetto.
by Cory G. B April 02, 2008

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