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The most fabulous people(or so they think) to ever enter (**insert your high schools name here**). Ways to become the most fabulous frosh---

1.)You must wear as little clothing as possible.Even if it doesn't fit you. After all, who will ever notice you when you wear just jeans and a t-shirt? Skinny strapped tank tops revealing bacne and push up bra cleavage is a must.

2.)At football games, you MUST be seen makingout with atleast one guy in the stands, preferably beneath the lights so everyone will notice you. That way when you get back to school on monday, you can make fun of all those losers(especially that one ugly girl who sits in front of you in science) and tell them how much of a thrill it was to makeout while your parents were three rows away watching your brother sit on the bench...

3.) When in doubt-name drop. It doesn't matter if you really don't the person who you're talking about, or that only way you are really "connected" is because he/she throws their lunch away in the same trash can as you. Just drop a couple of cheerleaders/football players names into your convo's and you'll be on your way to fabulosity in no time.

4.)You must try to use the words "bitch" and "whore" in every sentence. You muust also encourage others to call you a "bitch" because as EVERYONE knows bitch=the most fabulous thing that walks around in a mini skirt and Abecrombie thong.

5.)If at all possible, you must never rife the bus to school. School buses are gross and disgusting and fabulous people do NOT ride school buses. It's also a plus if you can get a ride with a cool guy/girl in their car after school, that way you can wave to all the people on the buses(even if you are in the back seat and the only reason why they are even letting TOUCH their car is beause they kno your older bro/sis) and make them jealous because they WISH they were as fabulous as you.

*follow these tips and you will be the most fabulous frosh(a.k.a the mosted hated people in high school).*
girl#1: OMG, I LOVE your skirt, you actaully see your ass and everything.
girl#2: I KNOW! Isn't it fabulous? My sister told me that as long as I walk slow, my thighs wont jiggle and everyone can still see right up my skirt. Plus this XXS small shirt makes my boobs look bigger. Isn't it awesome?

girl#1: Hey, i saw you on friday making out with that hot guy in the stands.
girl#2: Really, you did? (lowers voice) Did I look experienced enough?
girl#1: Yeah, you looked hot! I could see your new thong that you got from kohls. Plus, one woman even covered her daughters EYES when she walked past you two.

girl#1: What did you do this weekend?
girl #2: Well, I saw Jessica, you know Jessica the cheerleader and I saw Brian-
girl#1- who's Brian?
girl #2: he's the safety on the varsity football team. and I saw Jill-
girl#1: Who's jill?
girl #2: Jessica's best friend, DUH.
girl#1: wow, you saw all of them over the weekend? wow, you must be really cool.
girl#2(thinking to herself): well, i did see them at the grocery store...that has to count for SOMETHING.

girl#1: u look like such a whore in that skirt.
girl#2: I kno! Its great isn't it?Well, I'm off. Love ya, bitch.

girl#1: OMG, look there's maria riding with that hot senior Jordan.
girl #2: Only because that's her sisters boyfriend.
girl #: So, it still makes her look cool.
by CortneeH June 21, 2005

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