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41 definitions by Cortana Dragoon

A type of joke that follows this format: "I am (insert name here) of Borg. (insert assimilation/resistance-is-futile joke here)."
I am Barney of Borg. Being assimilated is fun.
I am Elmew Fudd of Bowg. Wesistance is futiwe.
Yoda of Borg am I. Futile, resistance is.
I am Bill Cosby of Borg. Prepare to be assimilated, with the assim and the ilate and the fraagh fra agh agh agh!
I am Cortana Dragoon of Borg. Prepare to be OWNED.
by Cortana Dragoon July 16, 2005
21 8
The meaning of life is to create more life.

Bacteria split. Trees bear fruit. Humans... you can figure it out.
Should anything ever, ever interfere with this basic law of nature, we'd all be screwed.
by Cortana Dragoon July 02, 2005
55 44
The Teletubbies' freaking weird alter egos that fart too much. Don't ask me who the fifth one is.

Maybe he/she/it is a janitor in a Boohbah suit?
The Boohbahs, unlike Barney, are not evil. Just really, really annoying.
by Cortana Dragoon June 24, 2005
17 9
1. Slang for good, alright.
2. Popular.
3. Thinks they are all that.
1. Ocarina of Time was a cool game with some of the best graphics of the time, at the time.
2. Kellie is cool, she has all the guys in the palm of her hand.
3. Tiffani thinks she is cool, but all the guys think she is just lesbian.
by Cortana Dragoon July 13, 2005
65 58
What happens to you when you play Zelda games too much.
My brother is going insane, get him to a mental house or something.
by Cortana Dragoon July 02, 2005
46 39
The basic law of most television.
My mom: *watching a nasty medical program* Eeegh, how can you stand to watch that?
Me: Hey, one guy's trauma is another guy's drama?
by Cortana Dragoon July 14, 2005
13 10
The greatest sequel to the greatest game ever.

If all of you Half-Life fans who have never even played Halo 2 continue to dis it, I will personally HUNT YOU DOWN.
Open your eyes, my brothers!
by Cortana Dragoon June 24, 2005
132 129