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An edition of tv show, cosmos, edited for rednecks and hillbillys. It takes the creation of the universe and....edits it...to suit redneck culture.

another popular audience to Cosmos for Rednecks are the ever elusive night drunks, the Fadoukri's.
cosmos for rednecks quote:

It is clear by the bones of a JESUSsaurus rex that MOUNTAIN DEW IS THE BEST SODA EVER MADE.

by Corrupted Curse March 11, 2009
we've all heard him....we can't sleep because of him...I am, of course, talking about the Fadoukri.

Now, i guess you are asking yourself: "Who is this Fadoukri?". well I'll tell you. The Fadoukri is the bastard that lives on your street that gets pissed at 1am then staggers home singing the national anthem at the top of his voice....just as you're trying to speak.
Kid: "Night, Mum..."
Mum: "Night night."

20 minuites pass.


Kid: "WHAT THE...!?"
Mum: "It's the Fadoukri!"
by Corrupted Curse March 11, 2009
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