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1. A person of severely limited intellectual prowess, or extremely lacking in everyday common sense.

2. A viewer of FOX News, who only listens to a single news source, only communicates with others of his/her own political persuasion, and thinks "Tea Parties" are spontaneous outbursts of patriotism, without realizing they are instead, organized and funded by the richest people and corporations in America, with the intent to steal wealth from everyone. i.e. "Americans for Prosperity. "
1. "What a Numbnut! Can't he open his own mind? He thinks he's being patriotic, when in fact he's undermining the Constitution!"

2. "That Numbnut has no idea who's paying for those pre-made astro-turf signs being unloaded off that bus! What a Teabagger!"
by Correct_Guy December 31, 2009

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