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A sad sack, a loser, a poor slob; from the Yiddish and German. "A shlemiel drops it; a shlemazel picks it up."

He made a living playing a shlemiel on TV.
by cornholio October 04, 2003
The boonies; Bumfuck Egypt; the middle of nowhere. From "tules" a type of wetland in Central California.
We were looking for this motel. Got lost way the hell out in the toolies.
by cornholio October 13, 2003
Mildly pejorative term for an African-American
I was walking along and aksed, "Do you know that dinge over there?"
by Cornholio September 29, 2003
Effete, unmasculine person with pretensions to social status; pejorative for a diplomat.
I went to a party in Georgetown with a bunch of cookie-pushers; some of them even were speaking in French. Time to leave town!
by Cornholio October 28, 2003
Cleavage between the glutei maximi; the Anal Valley
With the new navel-revealing fashions, teeny boppers have to wax their butt-cracks as well as their bushes
by cornholio October 06, 2003
Refers to the side of a man's trousers that his testicles hang.
Those earthworms don't even know whether they dress to the right or the left.
by Cornholio September 29, 2003
I tried the pop-tarts. Phooey! They were disgusting, so I spit them out.
by cornholio October 14, 2003

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