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1) Nearset Galaxy to our Milky Way Galaxy
2) Kickass ship from the TV show Andromeda.
1) As soon as I get enough money, I'm building a space ship and getting the hell away from you!
Where will you go?
The nearest galaxy.....ahhh.....Andromeda!
2) Dylan Hunt is the captain of the kickass Andromeda Ascendant, and will blow your X-wing out of space.
by CornMaster February 01, 2004
To kill mercilessly, with no regret. Usually by slitting the throat by grabbing a person from behind.
Listen, shut the fuck up or I'll stalinize your ass!

If you don't cut it out I'll go stalin on your ass!
by CornMaster February 02, 2004
Something that is just awesome. Running together these words produces jaasome.
The special effects in that movie were jaasome!
by CornMaster January 27, 2004
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