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when preferably a woman, takes a wetlike poop while she's upside down and the adds whip cream and then proceeds to eat it
man: i watched a video of two lesbians giving shithole sundaes!

man2: Gross whats the site?

Woman: my man has a fetish for shithole sundaes

woman2: damn thats just wrong.
by Corn-man May 24, 2010
when an individual has consumed some rotten or vile food, beans, spoiled food and cannot stop sharting (wet fart, shit +fart) for a whole week non stop. the individual may soon get worried and go to the doctor only to find out it was a malignant tumor in his intestines causing the explosions.
tony: hows it going alex

alex: aww man its been a total shart week
by Corn-man May 24, 2010

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