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3 definitions by Corn Smith

A small monkey that lives in Chile. It is endangered due to the overhunting of them.
That Chilean Cheedle Monkey threw a corn at me.
by Corn Smith September 15, 2008
A part of a woman's sexual organs. In some cultures, it is altered for woman to make sexual intercourse very painful.
Tonight, I want to lick your cheedle.
by Corn Smith September 15, 2008
This is the sensitive central area of the cheedle (usually 2-3 inches in diameter) that can be greatly stimulated during sexual intercourse. This area is light pink to red depending on the heart rate of the woman. It is also a common place where prostitutes get tattoos depicting sexually suggestive images meant to please the man having intercourse with said prostitute(s).
Rosie: I plan on getting a tattoo on my Cooter Muffaloon. What do you think it should be?
Donald: It doesn't really matter, any tattoo on a Cooter Muffaloon is hot.
by Corn Smith January 17, 2010