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A sprayed tanned looking fellow who happens to be the forth sting punter at the university of Wyoming (where ever the fuck that is) Also, a very arrogant guy who walks around without a shirt sporting a douche bag hairstyle. Generally it will act like a girl and causes more drama than prepubescent tween girl.It will also claim to be a man but no modern day science can find it. It will also think of himself as a Greek god, but has the self esteem issues of a 12 year old girl. Finally, he's a stereotypical guitar playing d- bag who only knows two chords.
That guys kind of sexy.
Oh never mind he's a Josh
by Corn 1020 January 22, 2011
A male usually Japanese in decent. Doesn't shower ever and only owns one pair of underwear. They tend to be a mooch so they really own nothing at all. Most likely to be found in front of someone's TV playing Call of Duty. Thinks the world is six thousand years old and is an evangelical nut case liar. He also may think his car is cool when it is mainly driven by old ladies.
Q: Who's that stinky Asian in my room?
A: Ow it's just a FUJI, Threaten it with a shower it will leave.
by Corn 1020 January 22, 2011
An overgrown female. They generally have a pungent odor emitting from the Gooch region, and wear cloths that look like the were bought at Baby Gap. They are fond of pink thongs, a that are lost in the excessive rolls of fat, giving the appearance of a flossing Walrus. They think that they are a hot commodity, but tend to make most men vomit at sight. Also the type where "daddy" buys them everything. it isa rumored that the vagina of one is actually a black hole. To sum it all up, a cunt.
Person 1: Holy shit look at that beached whale.
Person 2: Be nice its Katy
by Corn 1020 January 22, 2011

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