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How to recognize and handle with a dwarf:

A dwarf is a person with a strong mind, little height and a nasty temper.
You should never mess with a dwarf, except you want to get kicked your booty.
Dwarfgirls may seem cute but can be really anoiying and breathtaking sometimes.
Female dwarfs don`t grow beards!!! But they may sometimes use false beards for protection.
Never underestimate a dwarf!!! It isn`t good for your health.
Pwets: Wow that`s what I call a dwarf. Isn`t it cute?!
Carlo: What a sheepish little beard it wears!
Dwarf: Wait until I get you!
(kicks Pwets badly in the ass)
Pwets: I was only trying to be nice, really.
Dwarf: Tell that to my husband.
(walks away steaming)
by Corlin June 03, 2006

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