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PooWad:Noun: A large steaming pile of compressed faeces. Often found in homeless people's pants after taking a bus ride. Conspicous by its bad odour and bulge in the back of the pants. People suffering a poowad often seem blissfully unaware of its existance.

Poowad: Adjective: A person who is very annoying, like a fowl stench.
Usage example:

Adjective: I met this poowad called Roofus in Brisabane.
Noun: I believe sir has a poowad in his pants
by Corky McRoofus March 19, 2008
After Grog Bog

The turd a person does the morning after a hard night on the grog. The AGB is said to hurt more than anything!
The next morning after Roofus McCorky's night out on the town he had to do a AGB which hurt like all hell
by Corky McRoofus March 19, 2008

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