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When you friend sees that you have a giant screwdriver (oj and vodka) and asks for a swizzle of it, and then chuggs the whole entire thing. A sip that turns into a guzzle.
"could i a a little swizzle of that?"
"yeah.....what the FUCK!!??"
by Corinne January 28, 2005
Jaasome, originaly spelled JAWSOME originated from the Street Sharks mini-series cartoon which aired on TV in 1994. Why would a shark day awesome when they could instead say JAWSOME?
Moby Lick, those bright orange pants are JAWSOME!!!
by Corinne January 28, 2005
some one who chuckles nuts
yo, that nigger was nut chucklin last night
by corinne November 30, 2003
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