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3 definitions by Corinne

When you friend sees that you have a giant screwdriver (oj and vodka) and asks for a swizzle of it, and then chuggs the whole entire thing. A sip that turns into a guzzle.
"could i a a little swizzle of that?"
"yeah.....what the FUCK!!??"
by Corinne January 28, 2005
23 16
Jaasome, originaly spelled JAWSOME originated from the Street Sharks mini-series cartoon which aired on TV in 1994. Why would a shark day awesome when they could instead say JAWSOME?
Moby Lick, those bright orange pants are JAWSOME!!!
by Corinne January 28, 2005
9 7
some one who chuckles nuts
yo, that nigger was nut chucklin last night
by corinne November 30, 2003
3 16