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the greatest feeling in the world. it is the state you are in after hitting a nice big bowl of marijuanna or hash. I personally prefer pipes, but you can smoke out of anything, i.e. a bong, spliff, joint, vaporizer, popcan, pop bottle, parachute, hotboxing is always fun. im quite high right now. 1.sometimes you laught alot, 2.other times you stare at absolutley nothing, 3.other times you get into indepth discussions about aliens and the CIA,4. or you think youre capable of things like backflips.

all of the above i have experienced and so much more, so todays lesson kids, is smoke as much marijuanna as you damn well please. goodday younglings.
2. ------------
3."DONT LOOK TOWARDS THE TV MAN, THE ALIENS, THEYRE GOING TO FUCKIN LIKE SUCK YOURE BRAINS OUT MAN.theyre taking over the world, one day we'll be trapped in a dungeon run by flyign aliens with sharp teeth, and run by the CIA"
by Cori <3 May 26, 2005
good music is music from the 60s, 70s and early 80s. Good music genres include: Classic Rock, Psycadelic Rock, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Metal, etc.
good music consists of real and meaningful lyrics, well played instruments, and a good beat.
led zeppelin, the doors, pink floyd, ac/dc, bob dylan
simon & garfunkel,the who, jimi hendrix,
jeff buckley, eric clapton, the beatles, cream
neil young, black sabbath, Queen, rolling stones.
velvet underground . ramones . iron maiden .
allman brothers band . bob marley. david bowie . the clash
billy idol . Creedence Clearwater Revival, GnR
Tragically Hip . Rush . sex pistols . Lynyrd Skynyrd .
crosby stills nash & young . the eagles . van morrison . ELO
Bob Seager . Fleetwood mac . van halen . Lou reed . steve miller band . the mars volta . supertramp . aerosmith . Deep Purple .
Judas Preist . Elvis . James Taylor . colin james . ray charles .
Roy Orbison . Frank Sinatra . sam cooke
by Cori <3 May 25, 2005
is french enlgish. i used franglish quite often. franglish is when you are writting or speaking in english, but add random french words in the middle of the sentance, where they usually dont make sence, or just sound odd.
"that shirt is le hot"
"what the le feck"
"the cat is on le table de me"
"bonjour le you"

by Cori <3 May 27, 2005
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