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3 definitions by Corgy's mom

Cory Ward, a 56ker from New Zealand who constantly gets made fun of by removing the C from his name "accidentally."
=FI= Corgy was killed by CN3089
by Corgy's mom April 05, 2004
Heated fight between two people for idiotic reasons.
Cory and Boket got into a fagsquabble last night over some twinkies.
by Corgy's mom August 18, 2005
A remarkable specimen of the species 56kerus Spammerus, who is obessesed with being the first person in an area. Is given the curious title "banned first post whore" by its peers because of its unusual habits and random behaviour.
Corgy and CN3089 own Dizfunktion.
by Corgy's mom March 21, 2004