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Out of all the affluent cities in DuPage, Wheaton is where it is at if you got money and "jesus love". More churches per square mile than any other city in america. Recently a law was made so that no more banks are put up, as wheaton is truly a town of churches and banks. Wheaton is a complete bubble. Kids grow up as golden children in a community where nothing seems to go wrong. An average looking house still costs $700,000. Kids at Wheaton High Schools are all mostly and flaunt designer trends and tend to ignore the less wealthy kids, yet like to think they are humble. On the weekends they drink and party at eachothers houses and are usually very secretive about it because if one parent finds out, the whole town will know. North gets a few kids from carol stream as south gets some from warrenville, and you can tell these kids are really not from wheaton and thus do not belong in the wheaton high school. They also refer to the kids in the ESL hallway as "cholos" no matter their ethnicity. Most kids are snobby, while thinking that they are great people- yet many do give back to the community. Everyone knows some of the really churchy peopel are weird. Wheaton kids fit in great with those from Glenbard West and Naperville Centreal, yet do not associate with kids from West Chicago or Glenbard North. Most do not have jobs and focus on athletics and academics, where both Wheaton high schools are elite. Wheaton North High School ranked in the 2007 top .25% of USA high schools. People ignore the nearby Stratford Square Mall in Carol Stream as if it is a junkyard and head to Oakbrook. Kids under 15 years old are not usually allowed by parents to travel to away high school sports games if they are at West Chicago, Glenbard North or West Aurora, because of the threat of getting mugged or shot. Their parents are just as ignorant and snobby as them. Being a christian is just one way as a business man to climb the Wheaton Corporate ladder. Wheaton Public High Schools are more academically elite than the private schools (st. francis & wheaton academy). Like any wheaton parent will say, they chose to live in wheaton to raise their family right. "Wheaton is a lifestyle"
Wheatonite 1: "MTV should make a show about kids in wheaton, im sick of laguna, me and all my friends are all way better looking than those kids"

Wheatonite 2: "Yeah we have better drama, money, and we are way better looking!"

Pastor: "MTV advertises sin!"
by Corey Sante December 25, 2007
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