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The process of sucking Yak semen through a straw and farting the leftover onto a dwarf.
Wow, what a freak, Angela just gave a European Hurricane to WeeMan!
by Corey Jackson July 24, 2008
fried scramdoodle "jizz", put onto a frier, fried till crisp, then ate with syrup and fresh scramdoodle

Instant Pancake Mix



and topping of your choosing :)
"Yo grandma make me some fresh scramdoodle cakes for my fat ass"
by Corey Jackson December 26, 2007
Having to wear a sweater drenched with the baby batter of a hundred frat guys
Kyle lost a game of poker so now he has to perform the "Moist Polar Bear!!!!"
by Corey Jackson July 24, 2008
it is another word for ejaculation or Jizz
You got scramdoodled all over your body.
by Corey Jackson September 20, 2007
When a young man is seduced by an old woman, and the man slips his unit into her pussy to find out that she hasn't been used in years. Glaciers of iced cum has cemented the inside of her vagina.
" Fernando loved my grandma, and didn't know what he was getting into. My grandma Wet Polar beared Fernando into a cold sensation."
by Corey Jackson September 06, 2009
Two fat white chicks sexually sandwiching a black man
Look at ole' Rosie and Amanda pulling a SICK "The Chunky Hamburger" on Darnell!"
by Corey Jackson July 24, 2008
Another name for a girls softball tournament.
Lisa - "Hey Jina, you playin in the cunt classic"
Jina - "yeah, but after we win, we should scissor afterwards."
by Corey Jackson July 24, 2008

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