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5 definitions by Corey Dunn

When you smoke weed and take a Viagra so you can get it up while you're high.
Dude, that really hot girl is coming over tonight. It's a good thing I did a whiff and stiff.
by Corey Dunn December 03, 2007
The opposite of a monster bomb. Made by dropping a shot of monster energy drink into 4oz of chilled, preferably high quality, vodka. Best taken quickly and sparingly.
Thats funny, I don't remember taking any reverse monster bombs last night...
by Corey Dunn January 03, 2008
When you burp after you've been smoking and smoke comes out. A smoke burp.
Dude, did you see that? Javier just did a smurp.
by Corey Dunn December 13, 2007
A variation on the classic boilermaker using Monster energy drink and vodka. Pour 4 oz of monster into a highball or bomb glass, drop in a shot of vodka, and enjoy.

What the reverse monster bomb is based off of.
Let's do some monster bombs before hitting the bars.
by Corey Dunn January 03, 2008
(kuhm-bak-er). verb.

1) Step one of superman that ho.
"Yo, first you've got to comebacker."
by Corey Dunn March 27, 2008