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Exclamation word. Used as a negative, indifferent or in a coersive way, mostly as a reply.
Blahrg! That wasn't what was supposed to happen.

Blahrg. Okay, I'll do it.

Blahrg. Sure, whatever. I don't care.
by Corax June 03, 2003
Raven. God of Nox. Demon of Darkness. The Hellraiser's Wishmaster. Lord of Death and Destruction.
And Corax sighed, as the newborn Raven took to its wings on the maiden flight.
by Corax June 03, 2003
A fucked up individual constantly high on narcotics. A loser to society. Lowest of the low. Usually infected with HIV or AIDS, and most of it's kind have obtained a numerous amount of STD's (Sexually Transmitted Disease) - as a result of doing blow-jobs, anal-fucks (see spatch for more info on anal-fucks), and everything else on the sexual front.
Hey, look at that sorry ass dope head. What a poor mother fucker. Let's go kick his ass, and steal his dope.

The dope head took the leap, and went raging towards the ground approximately 100 m/h. The bystanders laughed and applauded as the dope head was splattered around on the ground.
by Corax June 03, 2003
1. (verb) a more extreme version of rape, pwn. etc.

2. (verb) to rape so hard that the victim's ass becomes loose.
- I goatsed you so hard that your ass is bleeding!
1. Did you see me goatse that noob?

2. I goatsed you so hard that your ass is bleeding!
#goatse #rape #pwn #own #lemonparty #tubgirl #gaotse
by Corax April 29, 2006
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