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Frozen fecal material, preferably one large log, and used for nefarious purposes.
Bob jammed a cryoturd into the vehicle's tailpipe and thought to himself "Revenge is a turd served cold and then rapidly reheated".
by Coraline Mae September 26, 2012
A state of suffering on the toilet during repetitive, violent and malodorous bowel evacuations.
Bob regretted eating that suspicious looking pork sausage the night before because he was now sitting in turdgatory, trying not to gag on his poo fumes or wince at his poorly rectum that now probably resembled the Eye of Sauron.
by Coraline Mae September 29, 2012
One with an intense hatred and/or distrust of fecal material and who does not find potty humor agreeable.

Greek in origin, it combines the elements of (misos, "hatred") and (anthrōpoos, "man-poo").
The group of friends wanted to watch the film Bridesmaids but Rosemary was a notable misanthropoop and would have ruined the experience.
by Coraline Mae September 27, 2012
1. Uterus. Unlike the vagina (sacred well) a Lady-Yurt tends to have more long term occupancy. When not occupied, the interior is redecorated monthly. If need be, the Yurt can be dismantled and removed.

2. Less frequently used as a vagina substitute.
Ayla's fruitful lady-yurt yearned for Jondalar's throbbing man fluid, although she was currently undergoing a vivid red paint job.
by Coraline Mae September 26, 2012
1. Diminutive of scrotum.

2. Pejorative for a person lacking fortitude; a coward. Like testicles, a scroty is vulnerable, hypersensitive, and inclined to retract in the face of danger, particularly cold weather.

Alternative spelling: scrotie.
Antonym: Pussy
Bob refused to watch 2boys1goblet with Jane so she called him an intolerable scroty.
by Coraline Mae October 01, 2012
Contraband stored in the vagina.

The items held within the vagina do not necessarily have to be illegal, one may well stash spare change or chapstick there.
Charlotte hoped to get across the border. She was carrying cuntraband: two rather mangy hens and a dachshund named Colin.
by Coraline Mae September 27, 2012

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