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2 definitions by Cora LeNulty

A romantic way to refer to your vagina.
Alyssa was a lonely girl, and she stroked her love canal loving every night to keep herself company. Palmela was her only friend.
by Cora LeNulty September 02, 2008
This is a sexual occurrence that presents itself when having sex with someone with a skin disorder, or severe dandruff, and they begin to scratch themselves, causing pieces of skin to fall and accumulate on and around the partners face and body, thus creating a snowstorm effect.
Betty was having sex with her hunky head manager Ken. Ken had severe psoriasis. As Ken was thrusting is swollen member into Betty's gooey love canal, he reached up to run his thuggish hand through his sweaty hair when the snowstorm of skin flaked off onto Betty's pulsating body.
by Cora LeNulty September 02, 2008