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2 definitions by Coppermouth

In Football, the practice of converting a solid centre back into a striker, thus transforming them into an unstoppable goal machine.

Named after the Sheffield Wednesday defender Paul Warhurst, who in 1993, was deployed as an emergency striker to replace the injured David Hirst and Mark Bright. The resulting move saw Warhurst score 12 goals in as many games and a call-up to the England National Squad as a striker.
Glory Hunter #1: "I see Fergie's got a bit of an injury crisis up front at the moment"

Glory Hunter #2: "Well, he could always stick Ferdinand up front and hope that he does a Warhurst"

Capello (in an Italian accent): "Terry, I told you to stay deep, what the hell are you doing up there?!"

Terry: "Sorry boss, but we're 3-0 down against San Marino, I'm doing a Warhurst"
by Coppermouth December 05, 2010
In Poker, a slang expression for a Full House. A Full House being three matching cards of one rank, and two matching cards of another rank.

Derived from the notorious Fritzl case, in which Josef Fritzl imprisoned and repeatedly raped, sexually abused, and physically assaulted his daughter Elisabeth Fritzl for 24 years. The subsequent repeated rapes resulted in the birth of seven children, three of which, together with Elisabeth, were forced to live underneath Josef Fritzl’s house in a concealed underground basement complex which he had built himself. The remaining three children (one died shortly after birth) were raised by Josef Fritzl and his wife in the house upstairs.
Poker Player #1: “Oh my god dude, you just flopped a Fritzl!”
Poker Player #2: “Yep, and you totally took the bait, now hand me over those chips”
by Coppermouth December 06, 2010