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A small build up of air escaping from ones anus underwater, especially in the bath or a swimming pool
When i swam 20 lenghts i wheep-plop farted 5 times
by Coopie June 16, 2005
The process of taking extra sleeping tablets to knock yourself out for the evening
I couldn't sleep last night so i went into tabletisation
by Coopie June 16, 2005
The atomic fart is incredibly loud and smells awful too. It also results in a big explosion causing everyone to fall to the ground, suffering the effects of methane poisoning.
Mischevous S just wipeout out that whole city with that atomic fart.
by Coopie June 17, 2005
Someone who acts gay for a laugh but is very straight, they make look gay but not nessecerily are, they may just like to take pride in there appearance or just like to look good. They are usually increadibly vain
Robbie: Your so gay
Me: Thats not what your mum was saying last night.
Robbie: What?
Me: Yeh i'm not gay, i'm just kweef
by Coopie June 17, 2005
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